Monday, September 29, 2008

Antlers arrive!

Scott and Jim made it home after 12 days in Alaska. Scott got a moose, didn't get to bring any of its meat home but did get the antlers. They just arrived from Fed X this afternoon in fact. They were able to fish for halibut the tail end of the trip both got sick on the boat but enjoyed the day. Something Scott will always remember. Jim is hunting for elk now with his brother Gary then tomorrow he goes Moose hunting with his dad and brother for 12 days. This is a hard time of year for we hunting widows. Seems like nothing gets done to prepare for winter until snow is upon us. Things always seem to work out though.

The house hasn't made progress for a few days, today was suppose to be putting in the utility sink and vanity and starting the trim work on the windows in the laundry room but no one showed up. Nice to have the dirt pile gone and laundry facilities running smoothing so that makes me happy. The trash is hauled off and excited to get working on getting my yard back. Hopefully Benji will get back home before it snows to get the pavers in. Sad to have summer weather almost gone but winter brings lots of time to get the house organized.

Sam is doing great with football and got some great plays during his game on Sat. Scott had IV chemo last week and on the steriods but hanging in there and not complaining and keeping up and catching up from his two weeks gone. Kyla spent the weekend with Gma, we had fun. Carson is getting so big, he isn't sleeping through the night so Sarah is pretty tired and hoping it happens soon.

So that is the family update from here!


Core Wife said...

what an awesome picture! Sounds like things are going well! So glad! We are going to grandparents in 36 more days...or there abouts. Oh how a miss the No Id winters. Love all that snow! Sending hugs to all!

Brynne said...

How awesome!! Way to go Scott! That is a great pic. Nice moose. Sounds like everyone else is doing well, too! Poor Sarah. Oh man, here we go soon. :)